Intensive Class Contact Improvisation

Starts 9 March, 2019
Ends 8 December, 2018

10:00 - 17:30

Rua José Estevão, nº 45 B, 1150-200 Lisboa

Regular/compromisso mensal: 45 €uros | Livre/Aula avulso: 55 €uros

You are all invited to the Contact Improvisation Regular Classes 2018/2019, of the Ponto Contact project, with Auri L.

Regular group and possibility of single classes

Information and registration: / 967648947

# 6 hours: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. / 2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
# Second Saturdays of each month
Note: You can bring lunch / there is kitchen at “MISTURADO Cowork” and chill out spaces

# November – * Day 10 / (I) Auri Ladeira
# December – * Day 8 / (II) Auri Ladeira
# January – * Day 12 / (III) invited teacher Workshop
# February – * Day 9 / (IV) Auri Ladeira
# March – * Day 9 / (V) Auri Ladeira
# April – * Day 13 / (VI) Auri Ladeira
# May – * Day 12  and 13 / (VII) invited teacher Workshop
# June – * Day 8 / (VIII) Auri Ladeira (Desire to be perform in nature, in a retreat mode)

# MISTURADO Cowork / Rua José Estevão, nrº 45 A/B – Lisboa (entrance to class by nrº45B)

# Bases of movement (weight / gravity / momentum / inertia / elevations / jumps / spirals)
# Body awareness
# Physical Skills and Movement Patterns
# Solo, duet, trio,…, group and space
# Weight Exchange, counter Balance and off-balance
# The touch and intensities of Contact
# Spherical Movement and spherical orientation
# Weight awareness and muscle tone modulation
# Bodywork, mobilizations and massages
# Alignment, structure, organization, use of the anatomical and biomechanical body
# Falling and rolling
# Basic lift vocabulary and principles
# Inverted positions
# Movement fluidity
# Physical listening and following
# Sensoriality, consciousness and states of perception
# Improvisation and improvisational structures

# With the intention of enriching the reflection and debate on the practice of Contact Improvisation, texts will be distributed (monthly via email), to the regular group, with historical, Social, Political, Artistic and Technical approaches.

# Value per Intensive Classroom
– Regular / monthly commitment: 45 €uros
– Free class: 55 €uros
# Conditions of regularity: Advance of an Intensive Class, as a form of deposit.
Note: if by chance, it’s not possible for you to attend to the last Intensive Class of June – the deposit will be return to you.

# “PONTO CONTACT” project advantages
– The regular group will get free access to the Jam Session (Lisbon Friday Jam), which happens every Friday (only to the Jam, not to the previous Lab, which happens previously to the Jam).
– The regular group will have a 25% discount on the workshops organized by Ponto Contact.

# The workshops will be part of the intensive annual training, as a way of deepening and approach different perspectives of practical topics. However, by the costs of having foreign teachers, the value of the workshops, which will be opened to public, will be higher than the monthly regular group cost. The Workshops will be structured in 10 to 12 hours, distributed by Saturday and Sunday. Regular students will be able to follow the schedule of the Intensive Classes, without further costs, attending the Saturday workshop part – 6 to 7 hours, that will fulfill the contents. Or they can attend the entire workshop paying a residual value of 30 €uros, which contains the 25% discount.
#Workshops 10 to 12 hours:
Price = 100 €uros / Early Bird = 85 €uros / Regular group = 75 €uros (45 € Saturday + 30 € Sunday)


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